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Precalculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic

11th Edition, AP® Edition ©2024
Demana, Waits, Foley, Kennedy, Phelps, Gorsuch

Our first AP Precalculus textbook

The award winning team is back with their newest edition ready for the upcoming AP Precalculus course. We have been working closely with The College Board® to make sure this new edition thoroughly follows all 4 units of the new framework developed for this brand new AP course.

From the authors:

AP® Precalculus is the first new Advanced Placement mathematics course since the launch of AP® Calculus BC in 1969. This is a big deal, in other words, and as an author team we approached it as such. As we reviewed the new AP Precalculus Guidelines to determine how to modify our book for the new course, we came to the happy realization that our underlying approach was already very much in line with the Guidelines. Our focuses on modeling, functions, use of technology, and multiple representations are squarely in line with what the College Board is calling for. A big thanks for this solid foundation goes to our original authors—Frank Demana and Bert Waits—who were truly visionary. We built off of that solid foundation, adding the other pillars of AP® Precalculus, including rate of change and change in tandem. We also added new topics such as matrix functions and semi-log plots and extended coverage of other topics such as parametric equations. Our goal was to make this book and the accompanying MyMathLab for School course the best resources available for this new course, and we’ve worked very hard to bring that goal to fruition. We hope our work here can help you realize the goal of seeing students earn solid scores on the AP® Precalculus Exam!

This program continues with it’s hallmark features such as; 

  • the balance among the algebraic, numerical, graphical, and verbal methods of representing problems—the rule of four
  • a variation of Pólya’s problem-solving process that emphasizes modeling with mathematics
  • introduction to the full vocabulary of functions in Chapter 1.

Adding to the long proven track record for this series to support the new AP Precalculus framework, we have ensured complete coverage of all 4 AP units, Mathematical Practices, Skills, and Learning Objectives, and made these easy to identify in the text.

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